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ByPam Howard

A Word About Vision Church

Hi, Pastor Pam here with a word about Vision Church…
The vision The Lord has put in our hearts prompts us to focus on the WORD, WORSHIP, and PRAYER. We will do our best to strain out man’s traditions and biases, so that you receive GOD’S word.

This will be a simple church with an intimate atmosphere and as devoid of pretense and religion as possible. We will make room for the presence of God to come and dwell with us. We’ll take time to welcome Him, inviting Him to work in our hearts, to speak to us, and to move among us.

We will not be creating or implementing programs, as such. We are not competing with anyone for anything. For folks who are looking for specialized programs, departments, and ministries, this isn’t their church. That’s okay, we aren’t seeking to be all things to all people. We’ll consistently strive to be true to the vision and commission.

With all my heart, I want people to encounter God. HE is what we need. We don’t need titles, positions, or committees… WE NEED GOD. HE will be our focus!